The Clinica Dentista Team

Bulacan Dental Clinic: Guiguinto, Bulacan
Pasig Dental Clinic: Greenwoods, Pasig City

Dr. Rommel Pingol
USRN & Practicing Dentist for 19 Years
General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry 

Experience matters. Clinica Dentista was founded in 1994 by Dr. Rommel Pingol.

Highly trained and respected by his peers, Dr.Pingol or Doc Rommel to his patients, specializes in Oral Surgery and Orthodontics. He is also a US Registered Nurse and is Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified.

He is joined by his equally able associates who specializes in General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology.

These doctors deeply respect the powerful emotional and physical results their dental  treatment often provides. The potential for improved self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem are just three of the significant benefits of expert care provided by Doc Rommel and his Associates.

Each team member deeply embodies a commitment to making the biggest difference possible through the lives of the Patients they serve. Bulacan Dental Clinic –ClinicaDentista is proud to have served the people Bulacan since 1994 and now in Pasig. Commitment to the community is very important to them. To give back to our community, Doc Rommel treats public school children, participates and Dental Missions and treats indigents for free.

Dr. Lounile Dalin
CEU College of Dentistry
General Dentistry and Orthodontics

Dr. Arra Leonora de Leon
MCU College on Dentistry, 2011
General Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Abigail Ulitin
General Dentistry, Biofunctional Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Alfredo Martinez II
Orthodontics & Implantology

Dr. Maria Graziella Bautista
UE College of Dentistry, 1999
Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Rommel, Dr. Lounile and Dental Assistant Desiree

Dr. Thomas Cruz
General Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Rommel and Dr. Abby

Dr.Arra and Dental Assistant MJ

Dr. Rommel & Mae

Smile Transformation

Dentist at work

We enhance people's smiles in Bulacan and Pasig.

Bulacan Dental Clinic: 82 C. Mercado St cor McArthur Highway, Krus Poblacion Guiguinto, Bulacan

Pasig Dental Clinic: Block 1 Lot 1 Phase 1 C Greenwoods Avenus, Greewnwoods Executive Village, Pasig City